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1. What kind of pets do you allow? Do you permit exotic pets?
We will accept a dog, a cat, a small bird, an aquarium not to exceed a twenty (20) gallon capacity. Dogs and cats must be at least one year of age. Large breed dogs are accepted but breed restrictions apply.

2. How many pets may I have?
Two pets are allowed per apartment home.

3. Are there any deposits, special fees, or monthly charges to have a pet?
There is a refundable deposit and a one-time non-refundable fee but no monthly fees.  Please call or email the property for additional information.

4. What must I bring with me to tour an apartment?
A valid photo ID is required to view an apartment.

5. What deposits/fees are required with signing a lease?
The security deposit for all one bedrooms is $300 and $400 for all two bedrooms.

6. What are the income and credit qualifications?
Combined income of all adult Applicant(s) must be at least three (3) times the monthly apartment rent. The applicant household must have continuous income from verifiable sources for six months prior to application or verifiable liquid assets of six (6) times the monthly rent.
Credit qualifications are no more than 1 insufficient check within the last 6 months, not more than $1,500 turned over for collection within the last 12 months, bankruptcy cannot have been filed within the past two (2) years, and not more than four accounts past due for more than 60 days. Our complete rental criterion is available for review on our website, through the "apply online" link.

7. What is acceptable "proof of income" to sign a lease?
Check stubs, bank statement copies or your most recent tax return.

8. What happens if I qualify for an apartment, but my roommate does not?
Each adult applicant must qualify in order to move into the community.

9. Is my security deposit totally refundable?
The full deposit is refundable minus any apartment damages beyond normal wear and tear and any unpaid utilities.

10. If I get a job transfer, can I break the lease?
Yes but you must pay a cost of letting fee (85% of the monthly rent) and you remain responsible for the rent through the end of the lease term or until the unit is leased again.

11. What utilities are included in my lease?
All utilities are the responsibility of the resident.

12. How long is the term of the lease?
We offer 12 month lease terms.

13. Am I required to have renters insurance?

14. Do you offer furnished apartments?
All apartments are unfurnished but there are numerous furniture rental places nearby.

15. Do you offer corporate apartments?
Corporate apartments are not offered at this time.

16. If something needs to be repaired in my apartment, how do I report it?
You may fill out a service request from our website, email us, drop a written request through the drop slot or call the office to report it.

17. When is my rent payment due?
Rent is due on the first.

18. What day of the month am I liable for a late charge?
Late fees begin accruing on the 4th of the month.

19. Will you accept electronic payments from my bank?
Yes. We also offer online payment options.

20. Is there a place where I can pay my rent after office hours?
There is a drop slot by the office front door.  Additionally we offer online payment options.

21. There is a person who might be staying with me for a while, is that permitted by the lease?
The staff must be informed if a person stays longer than 3 days.

22. Do you have reserved parking?
We do not offer reserved parking but there is ample parking for all residents and most guests.

23. I have a motorcycle, where can I park it?
Motorcycles may be parked it the parking lot in a regular parking space.

24. My children live with me in the summer; do I need to notify your office when they arrive?
Yes. The Le Med staff always needs to know who is living on property.

25. Can I install my satellite dish at my apartment?
Satellite dishes are permitted but you must sign an addendum which outlines installation, additional deposit and insurance requirements.

26. Do you have cable services?
Cable is not supplied by the community but is available by contracting through various local area cable service providers.

27. Does the property have a fitness center?
We do not have the physical space for a fitness center but there are three facilities within 3-mile radius

28. Does the property have a swimming pool?
There is a refreshing pool located in our community.

29. Does the property offer on-site recycling?

30. Are gas grills permitted at your property?
Fire codes do not allow the option of individual outdoor grills. We do, however, provide a grill for residentsí use.

31. Is there any additional storage space available at your property?
The property does not have any additional storage space, but there are off-site storage facilities close by.

32. Are residents permitted to paint their apartment?
Residents are welcome to paint their apartment with prior approval.

33. Will you accept my delivery packages for me?
Our staff is happy to accept packages!

34. Do you have a list of Preferred Employers?
We currently do not have a preferred employers list.

35. Where do I register to Vote?
Voter registration cards are provided for your convenience in the office.

36. How is your property different from the competition?
We are locally managed by Martine Properties who has been in business in Austin for 35 years.  The stability of the management team is very rare in the apartment industry.  All of this combines to create a unique sense of community.

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